Compound in vitro Stability Test

HT Labs is well equipped with all the necessary tools and instruments to perform all types of in vitro test, such as liver microsome metabolic stability, protein binding, pre-formulation and formulation stability, degradation monitoring, and so on. As long as the experiment procedures are given, we will always have a way to accomplish the results. To carry out in vitro test for our customers, we need the customer to provide minimal 1 mg of the target compound as well as the protocols for the in vitro experiment. We will follow the protocols, collect data, and report the results. The result format can be dictated by the customer or use our standard format.

Quantitative Analysis on in intro and in vivo Samples

Our lab can perform all the sample treatment procedures including protein precipitation, solid phase extraction, and liquid-liquid extraction. We also have a proprietary technology that allows serum or even raw blood samples to be analyzed directly on our LC/MS system at a rate of nearly 500 samples per day per system. This enables us to offer our customers both extremely low price and extremely fast turn around time. For example, the cost for a 24-sample PK study is Less than $1500, and our average turnaround time is less than three (3) working days.

To submit PK samples, we will need the following items included in the package:

Metabolite Studies

Metabolite studies are like structure ellucidation. Our data dependent LC/MSn and Data Dependent Scan techniques allow us to acquire up to five generations of ions, i.e. parent ion to daughter ions to grant daughters and so furth, to establish an extensive "family tree". Although ultimate confirmation of the metabolite structure requres synthesis or the suspected structure, our MSn methods do give very relable suggestion of the final structure. More importantly, the tentative structure found by MSn is mostly sufficient for PK driven SAR in the discovery stage.

We deal with metabolite study project on case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss the details like what needs to be done, what objectives must be achieved, your budget range, etc. We will have to have approval from the customer upon the protocols and estimated cost before carrying on any project.

Contractual Based PK Driven SAR for Your Medicinal Chemistry Division

We are ultra flexible in terms of serving our customers in their drug discovery endeavor. Since PK driven SAR has become the new trends for lead optimizations as well as for implementing "fail earlier and fail fast" philosophy, more and more companies are including a PK team within their medicinal chemistry division. However, the time and cost for initiating and maintaining such a program can be very costly that may not feasible at all for a small company. Here comes our help. We can function just like your own pre-clinic PK team at a small fraction of cost compare with building such as team in house. Better yet, we possess wide range of expertise, experiences, and instrumentation that a small company may never be able to acquire, but now all these are within your reach. Please give us a call if you want to find out more.

Partnered with a group of highly experienced pharmacologist, we can now provide complete package for your animal studies, efficacy tests, and disease models. All can be under a single contract directly with HT Laboratories.