When ordering our services, please refer the following table for prices, submit a sample submission form with your sample and/or service requests to HT Laboratories.

CategoryDescriptionField of ApplicationPrice
(per sample)
ESI Direct infusion mass analysis with Electrospray ion sources including both positive and negative scan modes Small molecules, Oligos, peptides, small proteins, etcMW: 50~20,000 Da $50  
APCI Same as above except using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Souce Small molecules onlyMW: 50~4,000 Da $50  
MALDI-TOF Mass analysis with Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization source and Time-Of-Fly mass spectrometer DNA, peptide, protein, polymer, fiber, etc. MW: 200~200,000 Da $85  
LC/MS/UV Run Sample w/ a Generic Method:7~10 minutes run on C18 column10%-95% ACN gradient elution0.025%v TFA in both H2O and ACN Generic method for compound QC $90 We always adjust the method and sample eluted either very early or very late
Run customer designated method. Customer may provide a column and/or mobile phase(s) Customer Applications $100+$10/min 1) $50 Method setup
2) Minimum 15 min. charge on run time
PK Studies Semi-Prep:Maximum 50 mg or 2ml per injection. H2O:ACN gradient elution at 25 ml/min flow rate. Runtime up to 65 minutes. Production to be dried by rotary vac. Small Molecules, peptides, Oligo nucleotides, etc. 1st injection: $300

Further injections: $150
If more than one component is to be collected, 50% charge applies to each additional component.
Gram scale prep with a 10x25cm C18 column, maximum 1g/injection Same as above Call for Quote  
MSn Structure Elucidation MS/MS/... until signal is too weak to proceed any further using infusion and/or data dependent experiment. To establish a fragment hierarchy for structure elucidation, metabolites studies, etc. $75/step + data analysis 1)Usually 5~10 steps for small molecules
2) Hourly rate applies for data analysis to figure out structure
LC/MS/MS Quantitative Analysis Accept Serum samples, do extraction on samples, LC/MS/MS analysis, then report data in concentrations of free compound PK studies, animal experiments, toxicology studies, drug testing, etc. Call for Quote  
Analytical Method Development Any method involves LC/MS, MSn, LC/MS/MS, instrument modification, and validate an existing method Any field $275/hour
(4-hour minimum)
On-Site Consulting On the customer site consulting for trouble-shooting, analytical development, and instrument customization, etc. Biotech, drug discovery, or academic research laboratory $325/hour + $800 travel