To submit samples to us for analysis, please fill out a sample submission form and send it together with the sample(s). The form is in Excel format; you may download it from one of the following links:


Please submit samples accompanied by a completed Sample Submission Form to:

HT Laboratories, Inc.
9823 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite F
San Diego, CA 92121

Tel: 858-677-9432
Fax: 858-677-0240

Additional Information


If you need to analyze a sample in solution with our ESI-MS, please send 100 µL of solution with a sample concentration of 20-50 µM. Higher sample concentrations are also acceptable. Please minimize salt concentration to less than 500 µM. For solid samples, 100 µg of sample will be sufficient to carry out one ESI analysis.


For LC-MS runs, similar amount of sample as used in ESI is needed for each analysis.


MALDI-TOF is approximately 100x more sensitive than ESI, but is much more susceptible to salt content. Therefore, for MALDI-TOF samples, a very small amount will be fine, but the salt content has to be considerably reduced before submission.